New Industrial Unit supplied Kingspan Purlins, Multichannels, Insulated Panels, Clear Rooflights and flashings

New Industrial Unit c/w Kingspan Purlins, Multichannels, Insulated Panels, Clear Rooflights and flashings.

O’Connor Roofing Supplies have supplied products recently for this New Industrial Unit in Balbriggan, Dublin. The first site visit took place in January 2018 when we supplied the Kingspan Multibeam purlins and the Kingspan Multichannels to site. The purlins and multichannels are used to connect the steel members together and stand the steel structure.

The contractors, Dundalk Engineering Products proceeded to construct the external walls of the building. O’Connor Roofing Supplies Ltd then supplied the Insulated panel 80mm core thicknesses for the roof of the building. The roof consists of Kingspan RW Panel and the Kingspan Polycarbonate double skin rooflights. All sheets are cut to the exact length required by the contractor. This enables the roof to be fitted quickly and no cutting or altering is required on site.
The architectural Micro Rib insulated cladding was then supplied to site for the external facade of the building. The cladding was supplied in the popular Goosewing Grey colour and Russet Red. At O’Connor Roofing Supplies Ltd we are able to produce the panels to match the exact colour required for the contractor.
The final products supplied for this project were the customised flashings and gutters made to specific lengths required. We made the drip flashings, barge flashing and ridge capping. As with the insulated panels previously all flashings are made to the contractors exact dimensions to reduce waste and fitting time. All the screws, foam fillers and lap tape were also supplied to this customer to fit the products as required.
  Kingspan Insulated PanelsKingspan Multibeam Purlins
Clear RooflightsInternal View Kingspan PanelsPolycarbonate Roof Lights

Exterior View of Kingspan Insulation System

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