Box Profile / Corrugated Polyester Finish

Polyester box profile and corrugated roofing sheets are a low cost method of weatherproofing your structure. This sheeting can be cut to your exact size to minimise waste and time spent re-cutting on site. It can be used for numerous applications such as sheds, garden sheds, garages, etc. Both profiles are available with or without a non-drip coating (used to control condensation).

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For any additional information, please contact us on +353429376314 or email info@oconnorroofing.ie


For any additional information, please contact us on +353429376314 or email info@oconnorroofing.ie


Cut to required length.


Slate Grey Corri/Box 0.5mm, Juniper Green Corri/Box 0.5mm, VD Brown Corri/Box 0.5mm, Black Corri/Box 0.5mm, Galvinised Corri/Box 0.5mm,, Slate Grey Corri/Box 0.6mm, Juniper Green Corri/Box 0.6mm, VD Brown Corri/Box 0.6mm, Galvinised Corri/Box 0.6mm, Black Corri/Box 0.6mm


0.5mm and 0.6mm Gauge

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