Pergola Polycarbonate Sheeting

We stock a large range of sizes of polycarbonate 1.3mm gauge, each sheet covers 1M and that’s after overlap, so if you have 5Ms to cover width wise, you will need 5 sheets in total. They are supplied in both corrugated or a box profile format.  Both cover the same area of 1M and are as clear as glass, and both have the same qualities and there is no difference in price, it comes simply down to choice.

When inquiring about a cost, please state which option 1 or option 2  you would prefer, and your location if you require a delivery cost included in the price.

Option 1:  Single Skin/1.3m Box & Corri Polycarbonate

Option 2: Multiwall Clickloc 16mm Polycarbonate, Please note with option 2, is not possible to supply-side (F)  &  end (U)  flashings in CLEAR.



WE also supply treated timbers in 4″ x  2″ (100mm X 50mm), and 4″ X 4″  (100mm x 100mm) and 6″ X 3″ (150mm X 75mm ), both the 100mm X 100mm & 150mm X 75mm can be used as uprights , and the 100mm x 50mm” are used as rafters. Remember this all pressure treated timbers.


Some people like to put a gutter on, we stock 75mm PVC gutter in Black, White &  Brown with all accessories needed.

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Here are just a tiny sample of very recently finished customers projects:

“Pergola Polycarbonate Sheeting in a corrugated format”. Some people prefer the corrugated rather than box profile format , but that’s your personal choice, there is no difference in price or quality.

Sizes Available: WE can cut any of those sizes for you in half.

2.44 2.745 3.05
3.66 4.27 4.88
5.49 6.1 6.7
7.32 8

Some information on our long-life polycarbonate

Strong and hard-wearing Marlon CS is a popular material for use in projects around the home and garden. Suitable for use in extremely hot or cold conditions, clear options provide high light transmission and solar controlling tints provide diffused light in hotter climates for swimming pool covers, canopies, and pergolas, carports. Light in weight, Marlon CS is very easy to install in a wide range of D.I.Y. applications. UV protection provides a long-lasting sheet that will continue to look good for many years.


  • High natural light transmission
  • Suitable in hot and cold climates
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Long-life UV protection
  • Solar controlling tints
  • Damage and impact resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Excellent fire performance


  • Strong and resistant to impact damage, 200 times stronger than glass.
  • Reduces the need for costly repairs and maintains safety on buildings with access to the roof
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications including factories and industrial buildings, greenhouses, car ports, pergolas, and agricultural buildings or buildings and roof structures in extreme and not so extreme climates.


Long-life corrugated & box profile polycarbonate glazing is 200 times stronger than glass and highly resistant to impact damage making it the ideal glazing material in a wide range of applications where the sheet may be exposed to risk of hail, vandalism or accidental damage. Its strength is maintained over a broad temperature range (-40 to +130˚C) making Marlon CS Long-life suitable for use in climates that experience hot or cold temperature extremes.


Natural daylight has been proven to have a positive effect on the internal environment of many buildings. It can contribute towards a more productive environment in retail stores, maximise crop yields in horticultural applications and promote healthy grass growth on the pitches of stadia and sporting arena. Clear Marlon CS Long-life can achieve almost 90% light transmission making it ideal for applications requiring maximum daylight.


Marlon CS polycarbonate meets the highest classification of European testing (EN13501) and in the event of a fire it will soften and open, allowing smoke, heat and gases produced by the fire to escape. This ‘venting’ property means that damage within buildings can be limited.



Product Data Sheets

Click on the link below to see the Polycarbonate sheeting Product Data Sheets:

Data Sheet Kingspan 35/1000 X 1.3m Gauge Polycarbonate Single Skin Sheet.

Data Sheet 14/3 Corrugated 1.3m Gauge Polycarbonate Single Skin Sheet

Data Sheet MW5 32/1000 X 1.3m Gauge Polycarbonate Single Skin Sheet



If you are fixing your sheets to light or heavy steel, that’s no problem, as we have screws to fix to all types steel as well. Our polycarbonate sheets will sit on steel just as well as on timber, whatever you choose.

Storm Washers

Why Storm Washers? Storm washers are used for crown-fixing of box profile single skin sheets
They are produced in aluminum with EPDM sealing to provide a more stable roof covering with better load distribution and an improved wind uplift resistance. The EPDM has high-pressure elasticity and good resilience thus offering an important additional sealing against the ingress of water, where there is expansion and contraction of metal. Additionally, during installation, it prevents the deformation of the coverage that might be caused by too-tight screwing and contributes the screwing always in the middle of the crown.


If you are doing a D.I.Y. on your pergola, canopy, carport, this 5/16 little tool a magnetic socket is extremely useful and when you’re finished, it will do many more DIY jobs around the house.

All Fixing Screws

Our iFix Ruspert coated range of self-drilling screws were designed in-house as a quality alternative to the standard zinc & clear, zinc & yellow plated screws on the market. Screws tested to withstand a minimum of 500 hours in a salt spray. The usual size is 66 mm long to fix our sheeting to timber, and comes each with a bonded washer and has a 3MM EPDM rubber for better sealing.

Stitching screws are also required, as their purpose is to “stitch” the overlaps, hence the name.

Colour Caps

We generally supply a very light grey coloured 19 mm screw cap which fits over the screw head when in place, The cap extends the life of the rubber washer even longer.

Profile Fillers

These are used as bird stoppers, and they sit on top of the sheet underneath a flashing. It also prevents the wind from driving the rain back up the sheets on a wild day. Profile fillers are only used if you are putting “flashings” around your pergola sheeting.  We advise using 1 profile filler per sheet, so if you have 5 sheets you will need 5  profile fillers.

Flashings, designed for your project, with many different colours to choose from

We can design a flashing to fit on top of the side of the first and last sheet and down the side a little. This gives your finished project a design/look, and it also helps to protect the sheets from being becoming loose, in very strong prevailing winds.

Side and End Flashings 



Side and End Flashings are generally used where gable sheets meet roof sheets




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