O’Connor Roofing Supplies 4-day Week Initiative

O Connor Roofing Supplies 4-day week initiative beginning 5/07/2021.


Who is the 4 Day Week for?

All full-time employees of O’Connor Roofing Supplies Ltd.


Will the company only open 4 days per week?

No, we will continue to operate 5 days per week, with employees of the same team’s taking alternative days off.

In fact, we now stay open to 6pm all evenings Mondays to Fridays to ensure to improve service to our customers and are now available to our customers 48 hours per week. Work patterns will change and improve.


Have your staff taken a pay cut for this?

Not at all! The 4 Day Week is designed to increase our personal time and morale.

In fact, hourly rates have gone up as each employee now works less hours per week for the exact same pay.

We hope to do the same amount of work in less time by becoming more focused and efficient in the workplace. By doing this, everyone may then enjoy an extra day off each week!


Why are we beginning this 4 day week.?.

The way we do business is changing, this can only be viewed as a positive. O’Connor Roofing Supplies Ltd. adaptability for change is what we have built our company on since 1980.

We are growing a dynamic and vibrant company. We view change as an opportunity for further development. Our commitment is a never-ending quest for perfection, providing even greater value and service to our customers and greater prosperity for each of us.

The adaption of a 4-day working week is yet another way in which we can grow and evolve our business to work for our employees and our customers.

O’Connor Roofing Supplies Ltd.

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